J-ftpd [The Java FTP Daemon]

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What is J-ftpd

J-ftpd is a multiplatform FTP server written in Java. The goal is to develop an FTP server that complies with the official (RFC 959) FTP specifications. For more detailed information about the J-ftpd project, see the Sourceforge project summary. To get aquainted with the J-ftpd design, see the design document.

Pre-alpha status

  • FTPInterpreter handles a few commands and responds
  • FTPUser passes incoming commands to the FTPInterpreter
  • FTPUser threads can receive FTP commands and send replies
  • FTPDaemon launches FTPUser threads for seperate connection requests
  • FTPDaemon listens for connection at port 21
  • public static void main launches the FTPDaemon thread

J-ftpd releases

  • There are no releases as of now

Getting the sources

At the moment there are no releases available because J-ftpd is still in pre-alpha state. A bleeding edge tester can, however, checkout the CVS repository with the latest sources. You can also view the CVS repository by going to Sourceforge's ViewCVS.

Downloading the repository with a Unix commandline CVS client:
# cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/j-ftpd/ checkout Jftpd

If you are using another CVS client:

protocol  :pserver:
username  anonymous
hostname  cvs.sourceforge.net
cvsroot   /cvsroot/j-ftpd/
module    Jftpd

RFC 959 (File Transfer Protocol)

This official FTP specification consists of the following sections:

Copyright (c) 2004, The J-ftpd team - All rights reserved

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